About Us

My name is Candice Michele. I am the sole owner and creator of Lilfyre
In July of 2020 midst the pandemic I was searching for a plan to stay safe and use my creative energy. I always loved fragrance. Whether it be perfume, candles, or lotions. I came up with the idea to start a candle business after weeks of research. I felt like this would be the perfect fit for me! 
I have put great thought and time in how I wanted to craft hand poured creations for customers like you. After a lot of time, practice, and research I was able to produce the perfect scent throw and silky wax formula. As a new business I still have hurdles to cross. I wanted to only put out the best so I've started with my perfected formula for wax melts.
I have great plans for the future and have been crafting night and day to bring candles and other goodies to my customers. Thank you for being here from the start. I can't wait to show you what is in store for the next step of Lilfyre!
With Love, 
Candice Michele